This blog will be about Europe, and the fact that the European Union is far more than a glass half full, and that there are Europeans, and not just French and Germans and Brits, and that we have more to gain from working together than fighting each other.

It is a humble attempt to contribute to a rational debate, but also to provoke Europeans and their leaders to look at the big picture: the world is a pretty big place, European nations are no longer colonial powers and cannot force other people to do what is right, they need to convince them of it, and encourage them. But that presumes that Europe gets its own act together first, and becomes a more perfect Union, more coherent, more democratic, more transparent and more effective.

The name of this blog, EUvangelist, is not in any way a religious statement. Rather, the name is an acknowledgment that what Europe desperately needs is people who will sing its praises, and explain it to the masses, both within Europe and beyond Europe.

My credentials in blogging on this subject include 15 years as a foreign correspondent covering Europe, including six covering Brussels and the ill-starred European constitutional treaty. It is also the perspective of someone who is both an outsider –an American by birth–and an insider–a keen student of German, Italian and French and a French citizen by choice. I like to think I bring I occasionally offer a different and constructive perspective on things.

I hope you find the blog useful and look forward to any comments that people care to submit.


Your EUvangelist.

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