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Time to think ahead

The latest financial crisis is likely to have long-lasting consequences not just for the United States, but also for the European Union. At least one implication of the changes in Europe is getting very little public attention, however, because it would be political suicide to discuss it- even though it should be discussed. The issue… » read more

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Where’s the boeuf?

So now it’s France’s turn at the EU’s wheel for the next six months. The question is, will anyone remember it when it’s over? In an interview with, Dominique Reynié, a professor at Sciences Po, said the French presidency and the EU can win some European hearts and minds by showing “a few positive… » read more

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The Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty is a tragedy, yes, but a tragedy in the sense of ancient Greek theater, in which both sides are right and both wrong. The Irish “no” camp claims it wants a better deal, more democratic, with a directly elected foreign minister and president of the European Council (EU… » read more

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